Behind the soundboard

Sound quality is one of the most important components of a live show. Bad sound can ruin a perfectly good performance. As such, the sound-men and women play a pivotal role during concerts.

On Jan. 17, Cincinatti’s Pomegranates played a special in-store show at Reckless Records in Wicker Park. In-stores at Reckless can occur as frequently as a few times a week or once a month and are free to the public. The week of Jan. 17, the Reckless locations in Wicker Park and Lakeview saw a flurry of in-store performances by bands that came to Chicago as part of Schubas‘ annual Tomorrow Never Knows festival.

Reckless employee Jim Magas set up the P.A. for the gig, and allowed me to observe his concert-time duties. The slideshow above details the experience. Enjoy.

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