Schubas: If these walls could talk


Location, location, location. That’s often what can affect the outcome of a show. If a venue has terrible sound, can’t handle the crowd and exudes a bad atmosphere, the show may just as well be over before it starts.

Schubas Tavern, located at 3159 N. Southport Ave., is one of the most-respected live music institutions in Chicago. The building was constructed in 1903 by Schiltz Brewery and it was eventually transformed into a live-music venue in the 1980s. Schubas’ Communications Director Tim Stephans gave a brief historical overview of Schubas:

Tim on the history of Schubas.

Since it became a place to host live music, Schubas has played host to a vast array of musicians and bands. Schubas’ Talent Buyer & Promoter Matt Rucins explained the draw of hearing live music in a building like Schubas and Lincoln Hall, the city’s newest music venue that operates under the Schubas’ banner:

Matt on Schubas’ acoustics.

Perhaps the acoustics, shape and feel of Schubas as a venue helps create a certain atmosphere that Tim said is something that makes Schubas unique:

Tim on Schubas’ atmosphere.

Schubas will host concerts by Asobi Seksu, NOMO and Wild Beasts in February. Check the Schubas website for more information on upcoming concerts.

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