'A Picture Postcard' of Chicago venues, from a musician's perspective

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Milwaukee musician Davey von Bohlen has led the kind of musical career that must leave other artists teeming with jealousy. Since the early ’90s, Davey has performed in a variety of bands: Ten Boy Summer, Cap’n Jazz, The Promise Ring, Vermont and Maritime. Nearly all of these acts – Cap’n Jazz and The Promise Ring in particular – have become touchstones and major influences for countless punk, emo and indie bands.

Though Davey is a Wisconsin native, he spent a good chunk of time performing shows in the not-to-distant city of Chicago. It didn’t hurt that the other four members of Cap’n Jazz all lived in the Chicago area. But, even after that band broke up, Davey has continued to play in Chicago.

With Saturday night’s Maritime set at Beat Kitchen adding to an impressive tally of local shows, Davey took some time to discuss some of the gigs he’s performed in Chicago in an email interview:

Chicago was the first place where any of my bands became accepted, or followed as a band people might actually like to hear and see. For many years, The Promise Ring felt that Chicago was also a homtown gig.

Chicago has played a strong role in Davey’s musical life during the past few decades. To read more of the interview and find out some interesting anecdotes about Davey’s career, check out the map at the top of this post to uncover some interesting history behind some of your favorite Chicago venues.

Davey von Bohlen

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